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[expletive deleted] May 5, 2008

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I think it is time to set a goal for myself.  It is a mental challenge that could have some good emotional rewards as well…and it needs to be done.  I am going to stop swearing.

Why?  The obvious reason is that Liz has dropped the s-bomb before.  On a deeper level, having to mentally revise a statement to take out all the swear words will force me to think about everything else I’m saying in that statement.   That is where the emotional rewards come in.  Rethink the situation, take the anger out, add a little more mellow to the day.

Which words will be eliminated, and which ones will stay?  If network TV can say it, so can I!  Crap, sucks, balls, and somewhat-dirty words of that nature are fine.  If the words are normally bleeped out, they’re off-limits.

The only exceptions to this rule are those rare occasions when I get to go out with adults and no Liz.  Those are my breaks.  The rest of the time, I’m Serious Mom and I don’t swear.


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